Penguin Style Slot

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Tripeaks Solitaire

You can choose a character and fight with all the other opponents. Ride your cycle and perform different stunts on the track to earn extra points in stipulated time.

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This is a cool flash game where your objective is to find 5 differences in two pictures. Your aim is to hit the target spots on the wheel without hurting the lady.

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Mini pool is flash based game designed by 2DPlay. Here your goal is to protect your castle from the opponent team.

Luke nguyen casino

This game presents you a set of logos of some of the famous companies and you have to name those companies. Bang Bang-2 is a first person shooting game.

Tripeaks Solitaire

Set in beautiful locales, you must master hardcore surf to handle the epic waves. Now you can play this awesome game on spreadsheet. Your objective is to park a car in the highlighted parking space without hitting the other vehicles in a stipulated time rokker black jack shirt 60 seconds.

Make a high score and challenge your friends. The objective of the game is to make the snake as long as possible without hitting the board boundaries. The game has 30 levels to be cleared. Surf's Up is based on the animated film of the same name, featuring surfing penguins and wacky hijinks.

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Clear the level and challenge your friends. You can ride over grills, on tables etc. Download and play this excel game. So, here we go: Help the superman to save the city of Metropolis from falling meteors.

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Download the game here. Complete the objectives as fast as possible and move to the next stage. Your aim is to shoot all the other people on the board with limited bullets. This is a motor bike game, roulette table cake board aim is to ride your bike on the track and collect the stars on the way and that too without crashing.

A must try game for a die-hard chess lover.

Wilson power slots

This is a little puzzle game.