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I then was playing the oz game and got a x win and still managed to win 10k Less then my actual bet. That is you best odds of winning and building you stash.

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Win rate is awful payout rate is even worse. Today alone I had a 8 free spin that I was awarded around 12k when the best was 60, and another free spin which I was awarded nothing.

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Almost as bad as the real slot machines in the casinos. So please stay away from this app if you plan to buy chips. The times I actually have won, I only ended up breaking even or winning 1 million tokens despite sinking 50 million into the game!

Try it, you will enjoy it as long as you don't loose track of reality. When you spend your own moneyyou might hit a couple of small minis or jackpotsbut then you will depleted.


I have been playing this game for a little while and I never win anything. I downloaded the game only to collect free coins to play another game Be ashamed, and enjoy! I honestly thought this would be a fun escape.

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The newest owner was supposed to care of the free sites where you use a generator and can download millions for free. This is such a waste of fun installazione slot machine normativa time!

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SoBF, I ask as a loyal app userchange your greedy ways!!! Pay attention to how many lines you play X how many coins per line. It's a game, you control it, it can't control you, there is no real payoff except to waste time you should have used more productively!

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It is only a matter of time. There are slots games that have been secretly inhabited by very hungry "cannibalistic zombie coin eating monsters" that can wipe out a stash in a heartbeat.

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Wish I could give this app a negative rating Aug 17, HarleyWarEagle Worst game ever!!! That was weeks ago and I kept it downloaded to alleviate future stress. Graphics and social is simply amazing.

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There are plenty of was to garner extra coins for "free" solely requiring only patience and effort. The game is fun, entertaining, graphic and ample payouts. If your dumb enough to spend your money then I guess you deserve to loose it.

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Even worse, they will take up space at the machines so you have to wait for them to leave an available chair. Wish I would of not wasted my time at all!!! Welcome to Pop Slots, where you are guaranteed to lose your chips in record time and earn significantly less than the dozens of bots you play against.

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I received my coins but it took 4 days. Always be ALL lines X lower coin counts. If you can't control your wagering than buy coins. All of this happens as you play with bots that are winning millions every spin. Do NOT spend any money as it will take all your casino slots apps so fast your head will spin!!!