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You feel like you're accomplishing something.

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If music is where everybody can find a common ground, then tonight Little Steven produced a joyous connection to humanity with his Soulfire show. Their conversation covered Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency "the ugliest part of humanity is now being endorsed"but was not without humor. It's a fast-paced show, it's a fun evening, and that's basically what it's about It was an honor — no, make that an epiphany — to perform there.

His Saturday night record was 12 X 5 by the Rolling Stones "they absorbed their roots so quickly, it blows my mind to this day" and his Sunday morning choice was A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles "so great it's beyond comprehension".

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When was the last time you went to a show and knew every song? Magazineand it's been performed by so many great artists over the years, including one who casino southside austin passed, Aretha Franklin. We don't feel alive unless we're rolling into a different city every day. They thought it was Attention Deficit Disorder, but they just have trouble paying attention because everything is instant.

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Mojo magazine included Little Steven in its monthly feature "All Back to My Place," in which artists pick favourite records in different categories. The kids want everything now. The Max Weinberg Big Band took a mighty piece ensemble on the road, and the Max Weinberg Quintet stripped things down to display his jazzier side. Having reawakened this idea of rock meets soul, I want to see how far we can take it.

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Jim's been kind enough to provide us with the full liner notes' production credits for this version: Resplendent in his full-length jacket and flowing scarves, Little Steven opened with an infectious cover of Arthur Conley's hit "Sweet Soul Music," conducting the casino southside austin with outstretched arms, while musical director Marc Ribler took care of the guitar duties.

Following this month's release of Soulfire Live! All scratch-and-date Third Editions are now sold out; new Fourth Editions are still in stock.

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So we've come up with a TeachRock curriculum where they can use music as a common ground and establish communication with these kids because, thankfully, they're all into music.

Springsteen has since continued to contribute recordings to various Appleseed projects over the years. While rock 'n' roll is never far from his heart or his performances, off E Street you'd more often find him leading a post-bop excursion or some swinging jump blues — until the recent advent of Max Weinberg's Jukebox.

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Comparing his consigliere role in the Sopranos to his relationship with Bruce Springsteen, Smith asked, "I guess you haven't done many whackings for Bruce over the years?

And some West Coast which will be announced soon. As Max tells Backstreets, "We play for about two hours, and it just goes by so fast.

Max recently spoke with Backstreets' Christopher Phillips about the Jukebox shows and his own spectacular spinning songbook, touching on his E Street Band audition, the band's '90s hiatus, Springsteen on Broadway, and poring over records with Bruce and Jon Landau along the way.

Musselman's foray into independent recording was inspired deeply by the musical and social activism of Pete Seeger, so it made perfect sense that one of Appleseed's first releases was 's Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Here's a listing of the previous five: Adding a touch of authenticity, Little Steven brought out the band's original singer Ali McKenzie to handle the lead vocal.

It's a different kind of sensibility. This will be the end of the Soulfire Tour.


And as the name of the band suggests, he's taking requests. We've been working on it for ten years and it's proved to be very successful. It's going to be a long tour! And stay tuned here for a new Backstreets interview with the Mighty One, coming next week!