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Being one of the few fortifications of the kind in Slovenia, it is one of the country's most important historical monuments of the period. These are free numbers all numbers starting with are free in Sloveniaso you can use a phone booth to make a free call.

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The archaeological walkway—learning path enables you to see the remains of the Iron Age settlement and provides insight into the life of its ancient inhabitants. There is a great casino, dining and so much more but this is not the typical lively resort environment. A variety of meats of barbecued and served in the regional style. The former Rudnik industrial estate, located on the south-eastern edge of Ljubljana, has grown into a vast and still expanding shopping area.

By taxi[ edit ] Taxi Ljubljana" http: In the first half of the 16th century it was frescoed by several Croatian painters.

Besides six chambers, it contains all the kongo casino grosuplje of karst caves, including abysses, tunnels, all kinds of dripstones, shallow calcerous sinter pools, and ice dripstones in winter. It is surrounded by steep woody slopes reaching as high as metres. The two-storey tower has a rich history — it was home to the first school as early as and in more recent times it hosted a library on the first floor and a small hall for theatre productions on the second.

In fact, there have even been celebrities that have stayed here and raved about their experience.

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Easy on and off to highway. In the middle of the Radensko field is a 68 metres tall hummock Kopanj, the most beautiful example of a Karst hum a small hill typical of Karst regions in Slovenia.

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It can be accessed via stairs and a metre long pathway. Jim, United Kingdom Great location for an overnight stay for travelling.

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The church, first mentioned in writing in is dedicated to St Magdalene, a very vivacious woman, who became a saint when she met Jesus. Breakfast is served for a small fee. This was important because we were on the way to Germany.

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You could be the winner of a slot jackpot so try your luck and find out. Try something from the international selection including fish, pasta, soups and more. Before his discovery, the locals were only familiar with one of the cave's chambers, which they used as an ice pit. In the same century, it was fortified to provide a place of refuge and defence for farmers from nearby villages during Turkish attacks.

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Because of its typical Karst features underground streams, sink holes and gorges it reminds one strongly of the famous intermittent Cerknica Lake. Radensko Polje is 4km long kongo casino grosuplje 1 km wide.

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