Lost too much to gambling.Need this to be over

Reddit lost money gambling. 6 months of gambling, my life savings is gone. :( | Gambling Therapy

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Have you told or considered telling your girlfriend how bad things are for you with regards to gambling? Not thinking about anything else. It's a lot easier to "stay strong" when your pockets and bank account is empty.

I am a 28 year old male and this is my story.

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Lets give life a chance and take baby steps to get our lives back and be happy again. Time will tell what will happen. You may find the support groups a big help over the weekend. What barriers can you put in place?

Good morning Sookie, Well done.

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I guess the more difficult test is when we get past paychecks without gambling a single penny. Basically I told the betting shops about my situation and asked them to permanently remove me from all online gambling in the UK.

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I used to be someone who was fit and healthy, gym 5 time's a week, eating well etc but now I don't exercise and eat whatever is cheapest out the shop because all my money is spent paying back debts or gambled away. Howcome the focus doesn't kick in until after losing? I'm here because I need help and I would like to help others.

I have a good job, a home and an amazing girlfriend so I am very lucky in that sense but it's the gambling that is killing me. Just over 6 months ago, I was the happiest person in the world. To get the best support on this forum it's better to start your own thread. That was said after I had signed the documents for exclusion.

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Im in some serious financial troubles. I am losing everything to it and it's killing me.

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There is a huge difference between needing and wanting. To cut this short version of a long story even shorter; I came to my senses before the bank opened, I don't think self exclusion was an option then but in any event I had decided that if I could get into black jack mine washington much trouble sitting in front of my computer in my own home and it was "making" me get to the stage I was dripping in sweat with the anticipation of getting money into the bank to gamble with then the computer had to go.

Maybe she could keep hold of your bank card for a few weeks.

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Almost like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. Yesterday I lost the last of my wages to the fobt's in the bookies, I'm devastated. Not sure if that gd casino login helpful. The only advice I can give, if you gamble online, is to self exclude yourself permanently.

But I have some good news. I get paid, pay my bills, my debts etc then throw the rest of the money away in the bookies.

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