How To Make An Acoustic Guitar Bridge

Routing bridge saddle slot. Wood With Strings: Routing the Saddle Slot

Sand the bridge down to grit, making sure that the last several passes are made with the grain. An angled board is screwed to the top of the jig, making a fence. Tooling up for making a guitar is one of the beginner hurtles that you need to get over to make a guitar.

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Take a little extra time to line it up well. This book lowers the entry fee for many of those tools and jigs, because you can just make them yourself. Then, clamp it down to the bench or a scrap of wood for drilling.

The whole tedious and messy looking thing would corral the router into making a perfectly straight cut. One other thing, it sets up a lot faster. How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigsgolden lion casino panama eventos well as over 50 other tools and jigs.

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Do you have any tips on how to make an acoustic guitar bridge? Remove the bulk of the material on the belt sander, or by hand with a file. Making the jig is a simple matter of drilling two holes in the bridge blank, one at each end of the saddle slot.

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Make sure to drill as perpendicular as possible. My process gets the most difficult phases of construction out of the way in the beginning. This taper creates friction, and seminole brighton casino okeechobee florida the bridge pins in place.

Most acoustic guitars have similar size bridges, though there are some that will have different sizes. Sanding with the grain does not eliminate scratches, however it does line them up with the grain, making them less visible. The best cutter for this is a spiral down cut bit, though any spiral bit will also work.

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Once these processes are completed, the rest of the build is easier, and less stressful. In practice it was to hard to see where the bit was. Be careful when using the belt sander.

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In this case, I make the same bridge for the vast majority of my guitars, so this has a fixed fence. Making a bridge requires several different processes.

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Initially I used a couple of scraps with two sided tape to set the length of cut. End of story, it works really well, took a couple of hours to build and I probably won't lose this one. Especially if this is the routing bridge saddle slot time carving a bridge. Make marks for the shape that can be followed on the band saw.

It meant that the base didn't need to be fine tuned to the template guide and there's lots of room to see what's going on. The blank is bedded down with a few taps from a soft-faced hammer which more than adequately secures it for the duration of the process - the tape is tenacious stuff!

This is the second most difficult thing to get right. Blend in any sharp areas, and refine the shape.

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A drill press is the best for this operation, but it can be done by hand as well.