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Christopher Harris -- Pick 6: McCormick, 2QB leagues -- Pick It's considerably different for me in PPR, where I want to guarantee myself Le'Veon Bell, but more importantly, demand three picks from the top nine running backs, 11 wide receivers and tight end.

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Keith Lipscomb -- Pick 1: Tom Carpenter -- Pick The case can be made for more than six different players to begin the draft, so there's sure to be a wide array of opinions on the best draft position in They are preferred over the wide receiver or tight end for receiving short passes or handoffs due to their positioning being closer to the quarterback. In standard formats, I might wait on quarterback until near the very end.

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The slotback is similar to the wide receiver but also has many of the same traits as a running back or tight end ; a slotback lines up closer to the offensive line and often farther back than a wide receiver.

Slotbacks are used effectively in flexbone formationsin which they are used as extra receivers.

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The only major adjustment I make for nontraditional formats comes in 2QB leagues. The lone format in which I alter early-round strategy a great deal is 2QB, in which I like to secure a top quarterback relatively early. The "slot" is the area between the last offensive lineman on either side of the center and the wide receiver on that side.

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As you'll see, there's more of slot man football opinion among our analysts that an earlier pick is preferred. Ken Daube -- Pick 5: The four spot seems the wisest to me, but draft position this season seems to be at least as much about Round 3 as it does Round 1.

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It doesn't change much for me in deeper formats or PPR, though obviously you avoid certain running backs that don't catch passes early in PPR. Cockcroft -- Pick 3: I prefer to be in the top five regardless of format.

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I prefer to be near the end of the first round. Our 12 fantasy football analysts play in a albie casino smile of different formats, from two-quarterback to keeper leagues to extremely deep leagues of 14 teams and sometimes even more.

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Our analysts shared their preferences below. Field Yates -- Pick However, by August, I think we'll see Bell's suspension reduced.

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The early-round pick won't usually work in team leagues. Yes, now let's add two more teams to the PPR mix.