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I should just turn around and go home.

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BlackJack has a very gruffly voice and is circle-shaped, compared to SpongeBob's square shape. He'll know what to do.

The same cousin Blackjack that used to beat me up all the time when we were kids. Where did he take them?

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Now, I'm gonna do the same with Gramma! SpongeBob's parents were not scared of him at all.

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You better hurry, little man-boy. SpongeBob mows the lawn] Narrator: I gotta get over there. Plot SpongeBob receives a note from his cousin BlackJack, saying that he has been released from prison and is going to pay SpongeBob's parents a "visit".

Trivia This is the second appearance of SpongeBob's grandmother, who first appeared in " Grandma's Kisses ". However, when he met SpongeBob again, he was only the size of SpongeBob's big toe.

You mean they won't give me a push on the swing set? This hand resembles SpongeBob's hand.

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I could use some help with the lawn, but you're gonna need this to do the job right. BlackJack still has the intent of beating spongebob blackjack wiki SpongeBob however, who is ready to stand up to himself. They let that dangerous miscreant out of prison? Trivia It is unknown how or why BlackJack has stopped growing.

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The writers most likely wrote it out this way to make it sound longer. Yeah, Blackjack, you haven't changed a bit.

What has he done with my parents? When SpongeBob told Gary the Snail of BlackJack's release from jail, the snail could be seen scared, meaning Gary had seen or was aware of how dangerous the latter was.

You're just in time.

He couldn't make it because he's got some loose ends to tie up. In the living flesh. He is the klutzy and crazy half-brother of Stanley Squarepants. Whoa there, Little Bobby.

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They're trapped in the basement. He is named after the card game Blackjack.

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Uncle Cap'N Blue, I need to help my parents. And if you don't hurry, you'll miss out on all the fun.

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