Will ddr3 memory work in ddr2 slot, called double data...

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If the memory is slower meaning, it has a lower DDR3 number you won't be accessing your computer's full potential; if it's higher, you risk the processor not being able to keep up with it. Jan 7,1: Some manufacturers also round to a certain precision or round up instead. To understand that, you need to understand its history.

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Serial presence detect[ edit ] DDR3 memory utilises serial presence detect. Given the work and inspiration that went into DDR3, built on the platform of the types of memory that came before it, wouldn't it be a shame to not take advantage of the speed increases it offers if they're available to you? But in your perusing the shelves at your local Best Buy or the e-stocks of an online retailer like Newegg.

A mere 2GB of that, also from G. There was another side benefit to this change as well: If you have a motherboard that supports the DDR3 standard the "" references the memory's transfer rate, in MTps, not the actual speed of the memory, as is commonly assumedyou'll be fine as long as the memory uses that same designation.

Of these non-standard specifications, the highest reported speed reached was equivalent to DDR, as of May Fully buffered modules cannot be used with motherboards that are made for registered modules, and the different notch position physically prevents their insertion.

And if your computer is stuck on the original DDR, you may want to consider a full-system upgrade. You may have already surmised the next logical step in memory technology. SDRAM streamlined this process by synchronizing the memory's responses to control inputs with the system bus, allowing it to queue up one process while waiting for another.

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This is what they use to avoid such type of confusion if A type of hardware is compatible with type B hardware. SDRAM, or synchronous dynamic random access memory, was developed in the early s to solve a problem that began cropping up as computers became more powerful.

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It's expected to offer transfer rates of up to 4,MTps, with voltage ranging from 1. Am3 cpu have both ddr2 and ddr3 controllers and maybe some intel cpu too. Indeed, DDR4 is already in development, and will probably begin appearing in consumer products aroundwith wider adoption to follow gradually.

February 28, Under this convention PC is listed as PC Fried my mother board but that ddr2 is still working in another computer as we speak NeilPaisnel Jan 2,8: It meant memory could run at a lower clock rate MHzusing less energy 2. I jerked the power cord lose but not fast enough. As computers were becoming more popular and more complicated, and thus issuing more complex requests to the memory more frequently, this was slowing down performance.

A quick search on Newegg revealed an 8GB kit of high-speed G. I was wondering if the slot was the same or not You'll get the best results when all of your computer's components are in harmony. ECC memorywhich has an extra data byte lane used for correcting minor errors and detecting major errors for better reliability. Those modules are identified by an additional R in their designation, for example PCR.

It's therefore crucial that your existing hardware and the memory you want to add are of the same DDR type. DDRDand capacity variants, modules can be one of the following: Naturally, DDR3 was next out of the gate it debuted aroundwith its internal clock cut in half again, its speed about twice that of DDR2 ,MHz, for a maximum transfer rate of 2,MTpsand power usage reduced even more over its predecessor to 1.

Neither, of course, is ideal: What does it mean? At least this information is easy to determine from the memory's specs: When you're purchasing memory, it's also best to verify that its speed matches that of your motherboard; otherwise, performance bottlenecks may result.

It's the fastest consumer RAM currently in widespread use, and the type you're most often going to want to buy today, at any rate if you want to upgrade your computer or if you're planning to buildone from scratch. As technology progressed and processors became still more powerful and demanding, DDR alone became insufficient.

As such, LRDIMM memory provides large overall maximum memory capacities, while addressing some of the performance and power consumption issues of FB memory induced by the required conversion between serial and parallel signal forms. If your computer uses the DDR2 standard, there are definitely compatible chips out there, but expect to pay more and get less: This way, computers couldexecute tasks much more quickly than had previously been possible, and was the memory standard in computer systems by the end of the s.

If you pay even basic attention to the industry you're not going to have too much trouble following individual trends and understanding the basic specifications you'll find on desktopslaptopsor even components.

Here's a quick rundown on where DDR3 came from and what it means for your computer. Wonder if Leatherman or gGerber make a 'Technicians' version of their multi tool?

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