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Outside in the car, Holder receives a call from the district attorney, saying that the casino ATM footage is being sent to the station.

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As night falls, she directs him to a playground, recalling a happier moment there, dancing with Jack. He asks about the last case that obsessed Sarah.

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In another message, he says he cannot make to the event, because wrap casino has to help a friend, swearing it is a legitimate excuse. The last message was received as she was dropping him off at school that morning.

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She tells him of a boy's father who had killed the child's mother. Nicole tells her that she is on Indian landwhich is not under state regulation, and orders her to leave. There needs to be a balance. Sarah tells him that the casino manager will offer no help.

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She screams at him to stop the car, gets out and walks away. She tells him that Rosie's phone and backpack were never found and could be inside the casino. Sarah speaks to the mother of Jack's best friend by phone. Later, a dispatch on the police scanner tells them about the discovery of the body of a young boy whose description resembles Jack.

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Sarah's call is from her son Jack's school. Outside the casino, Sarah calls a district attorney to obtain a warrant on the bank that owns the casino ATMsso she can review their camera footage. On one screen, he sees a young woman wearing a butterfly necklace with a pink blouse — Rosie Larsen Katie Findlay.

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Holder takes Sarah back to a still-empty motel room and again calls his sister. And with only two episodes left, I'm now slightly afraid of the story being neatly and quickly wrapped up. She ponders when Jack stopped being happy.

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Outside, Holder figures out the password on Jack's cell phone and Sarah finds three text messages from someone discussing meeting Jack. At the police station with a technician Steve ArcherHolder watches footage of people making transactions at four ATMs.

Holder believes that Regi has Jack. Stephen Holder Joel Kinnaman arrives and they discuss the case. He takes her back to the motel, where they find Jack Liam James standing in the hallway.

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While inside their room, Jack tells Sarah that he has spent the day with his birth father. He sought treatment after his boss found out he was using. Holder suggests bodily harm to the wrap casino, she smiles and goes to hug her son. Positive reviews appreciated shasta casino the episode allowed the characters to develop, something the show had been previously criticized for not doing.

Not knowing the identity of the messenger and only getting voice mail from people on Jack's contact list, she reports Jack as missing and requests an all-points bulletin.

Another dispatch confirms that the child is not Jack, and she breaks down, sobbing.

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Child Protective Services took the boy, but Sarah feels that he will not be adopted. He upsets her by attributing this as the reason she is a flawed mother herself.